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Official selection for the Montreal Independent Film Festival


23 Apr 2021

'sounding line', a collaboration between myself and Caroline Areskog Jones, was officially selected for the Montreal Film Festival 2021.

'sounding line' is a short experimental film that explores how human activity is negatively affecting vital ecosystems beneath the surface of the ocean, which often goes unnoticed. The audio is a commentary on how significant of an impact sound pollution is having upon the underwater world and it's natural harmonies.

A sounding line is a device to measure depth and topography.

This short experimental film is an invitation to consider our watery commons.

Restless oceans which have evolved over millions of years are currently under ecological crisis as a result of human activity. Fragile yet vital ecosystems are negatively affected by sound and light pollution, where damage occurs below the surface, often out of view.

Our human connection to water is equally vital, physically and psychologically immersed in the depths of our consciousness we struggle to make sense of the world around us.

Incorporating visual and audio field recordings gathered from the waters of the Scottish Hebrides, this 'sunken cinema' absorbs speculative histories inspired by the early films of Jean Painléve, and influenced by the writings of Astrida Neimanis and Rachel Carson.

It is delivered in a deliberate wave format incorporating both analogue and digital field recordings.

A link to watch the short film can be found here:

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