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Possible Future : I

Oskarjones' second EP (awaiting release), Possible Future : I seeks to communicate the incomparable anguish that the climate crisis, caused by our greedy and profit driven society, is inflicting upon the world.

The four pieces sonically narrate a "possible future" of our own, which is a result of the potential decision that we as a population face.

For this series of compositions, Oskar received the Andrew Grant Bequest Prize from the Edinburgh College of Art

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TRTM Dusk_3.jpg

Dusk_3 12/2022

A sonic response to the artist Caroline Areskog Jones' most recent practice, which involved the collection and visual interpretation of field recordings captured whilst walking in the Sierra Maria National Park.

The entire 30 minute composition is a series a smaller overlapping 'movements' (including Dusk_3). Here the intention is not for the field recordings to be background noise, but instead to be an integral part of the musical dialogue that requires an equal level of focus to what I am playing. (listen) (entirety)

EP Artwork for BC.jpg

The Boughs of a Soul 02/2022

Oskarjones' Debut EP is a collection of reflective, improvisatory solo piano compositions that carry profound emotion, which act as a small window into the reflective sentimentality that lies behind his compositions

Nebulous tones and muffled resonances conjure vivid spaces of reverie, moments which are separated by the ephemeral abyss of the mind.





April 6 - Sounding Line Live Performance, Caroline Areskog Jones [tickets]


June 15 - oskarjones & Olly Flaig, Wavetable #19, The Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh (watch)

June 7 - ECA Graduate Show, The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh

April 9 - St Giles at 6, St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh (watch)


November 19 - Tonight Rain :: Tomorrow Mud, FILET, London (watch)

April - Charity concert for Ukraine, ECA West Court, Edinburgh (watch)



November - Tonight Rain :: Tomorrow Mud, Caroline Areskog Jones, FILET, London

October - Anti-Social Theme, BBC Radio 4 (listen)

February - The Lowball Tapes, BBC Radio 4 (listen)


August - Sounding Line, Caroline Areskog Jones, Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival                       Copenhagen, The World of Light Auckland, Montreal International Film Festival (watch)


May - Tapestry, Caroline Areskog Jones, Southwark Park Gallery, London


June - Diagram of a geometrical perspective on memory, Caroline Areskog Jones, R K Burt                                       Gallery Southwark, London (watch)

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