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Eloi gig at Leith Depot


18 Feb 2021

Eloi, an 8-piece Jazz/Neo-soul/Afrobeat band based in Edinburgh for which I play tenor saxophone and co-write songs for, held their first gig at Leith Depot with the supporting set by Jambalaya.

Eloi's first gig at Leith Depot was one of the most enjoyable gigs that I have played. The close and intimate atmosphere of the venue combined with Eloi's variety of music, ranging from soothing ballad-esc songs to tunes that at moments ventured into the fringes of free-jazz, launched the energy of the room to fusion-reactor levels. It is safe to say that I wasn't the only one ecstatic after we finished our set.

Follow Eloi on Facebook here to follow when and where we will be next playing:

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